Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Smarty Pants

Georgetown, the forever up and coming district south of downtown Seattle, is dotted with gems as well as sourgrapes (remember CP Thai post).

I had happened upon a website for a funky restaurant in Georgetown named Smarty Pants. It's a bar that does lunch during the day and the menu of great sounding sammiches made it a must try. My coworkers had eaten there before and agreed that their sammiches were really good...and huge.

I went for lunch one afternoon with one of my coworkers ( the same person who experienced CP Thai with me) and it was busy. Loud punk music played happily in the background while an eclectic group of people chowed down on their lunch. Everyone from Polo wearing business guy to tattooed bass player dude filled Smarty Pants at lunch time.

The only table available was outside - it was cold. I put my hood up on my hoodie and grabbed a couple of menus while my coworker grabbed us a couple of glasses of water...it just seemed like the casual thing to do. Self serve anyone?

The servers were dressed in black with the studded motorcycle belt and boots. Mohawks hung wimpishly, probably from a heavy night of barhopping from the night before. And these were just the girls...The guys looked like they worked in an old school garage.

They took our order promptly then disappeared....

and disappeared...

was this going to be a repeat of CP Thai? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I over react. It wasn't THAT bad. It did take quite a while to get our food but at least when it did arrive it was hot and so freakin tastey that it was worth the wait.

I can't remember what my coworker had but I had biscuits and gravy and it was really good. It was vegetarian with mushrooms (I'm not a fan), but it was ok, I just pushed them aside and ate the rest. Very tastey.

So we had a good lunch and went off around the opposite way from which we came to go around the other side of the block. There was a second hand shop that had some cute stuff outside and low and behold - what do they have outside? A vintage girl bike with a basket!!!!! I nearly wet myself. I thought, even if it's like $50 I'd call up my husband to see if I could buy it. I look at the price tag and my dreams were quickly dashed to the cracked Georgetown sidewalk. $375. For a rusty old bike. Give me a break.

I must have ADD or something...

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