Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Story of India

This BBC documentary was one of the most in depth programs I have watched on a country in a long time, yet it was engaging and left me wanting more.

This six-part series detailed the 10,000 year history of India with amazing stories presented by Michael Wood and imagery like the Taj Mahal pictured to the left.

The explanation of India's diverse religious history from Brahman and Buddhism to Hindu, Muslim and Sikh was enlightening and gave me a better understanding of how these powerful religions dominated the country.

After thousands of years, India is finally coming of age as part of the technology era. There is a strange yet alluring balance of both old and new. The traditions are strong and deeply ingrained in the culture which, for a Westerner, totally fascinates me, yet India is quickly gaining as a tech super power in the world.

It is exciting to see how a culture can lovingly hold on to the past as they run towards the future with complete confidence.

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