Friday, June 13, 2008

Georgetown's Crappy Thai Place

I found this image on and thought it summed up a recent experience a co-worker and I had at a Thai restaurant in Georgetown.

I was given a gift card for CP Thai and was really excited. It has been years since I ate out at a Thai restaurant, so I was really looking forward to it.

We were seated and our order taken promptly even though it was quite busy. Unfortunately, we were seated right next to the cashier's counter and I was quickly becoming claustrophobic as people began lining up to pay right next to me. Can you say "personal space" people! The woman who was cashiering was also one of two cooks and was having a hard time multi-tasking and so the line of people wanting to pay grew and grew.

As we were chattering away the sound of an Asian man's voice yelling in a foreign language, I'm guessing probably Thai, boomed from the kitchen and I think something crashed too. We looked at each other and I said, "I hope that wasn't over our Phad Thai." We laughed a little then continued on with our conversation.

Our chatter of work and personal events began to fill with moments of dead silence as we realized that it had been quite a while since the girl took our order. We glanced around the restaurant as everything seemed to come to a grinding halt. My co-worker looked at me and said, "Maybe it was over our Phad Thai."

It had been thirty minutes since we ordered and people were coming in after us with called in orders having to wait. People were leaving without paying or just plain leaving because no one came to take their order after waiting 15-20 minutes. Remember, this is a lunch hour on a weekday. People want to come in, eat and leave within an hour.

I finally had to get up and ask a server where our Phad Thai was and that we had been waiting for over 30 minutes for our food. The poor girl was flustered. We had over-heard that she was new so I tried to be as nice as possible under the circumstances. She had found our order and yes it was still there and that it was coming. Ok....

So we waited another 10 minutes and in the meantime more people were coming in. We felt it our duty to warn them that we had been waiting for our food for 40 minutes and that people had left without paying. These brave people decided to wait it out and see what happened.

FINALLY our food came and it was the palest looking Phad Thai I had ever seen in my life. I have had my myriad of orange colored Phad Thai but I had never seen one look this pale before. At least it was hot and had some flavor resembling Phad Thai. My co-worker said hers tasted funny - too vinegary. Which was weird. Mine was ok, kind of bland but not funny tasting.

Anywho, to make this painful experience short, the girl gave us the receipt tray with two fortune cookies on it but no receipt. Was that a sign?

I put down my gift card and my co-worker put down her cash anyway. Honestly, I was thinking that she shouldn't pay for hers at all.

An hour and 20 minutes later, we finally leave our unsatisfying Thai food experience behind us only to rehash the story over several times to anyone who would listen!

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