Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Java Bean - Luna Park

Starbucks? Na...
Tully's? Na...
Seattle's Best? Na...

The best coffee I have had to date is at Java Bean in West Seattle next to the Luna Park Cafe.

It was a "grande" (due to successful Starbucks terminology brainwashing) Cafe Molé. I know that probably just makes it a mocha but this was better than a was a molé. Of course Mexican chocolate is to die for but honestly, the coffee flavor itself was so good that a plain old latte would have been just as good without any additional sugars.

As I am sipping my lovely Cafe Molé I turn to my coworker and wonder aloud, "why can't Starbucks make a coffee that tastes this flavorful?" and used the analogy of homemade cooking compared to fast food.

I think our society as a whole has lost their tastebuds to the numbing effects of a FAST FOOD NATION!

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